How to Get Involved

Thanks for your interest! Here are some ways you can get involved:

Franklin’s Ground Squirrels

Help us learn more about Franklin’s Ground Squirrels in Alberta! Check out our project page for more information or head over to Nature Alberta’s website to start participating in the project.

Photo by Sarah Nason

Other Citizen Science Projects

There are lots of other opportunities to contribute to conservation and science! In Alberta, a good place to start is to check out Nature Alberta’s list of citizen science projects. You can also simply download the app iNaturalist and start uploading your photos of wild species – any photos that could contribute will help us better understand biodiversity! You can also check out the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Birds Canada, and Zooniverse for other projects.

Are you a student interested in my projects?

Are you a student at MacEwan University?

Please get in touch!

Are you an undergraduate student at another institution?

I appreciate your interest, but I do not currently have projects available for undergraduate students at other institutions.

Are you interested in graduate studies or a postdoctoral position?

MacEwan University is an undergraduate-only institution, so I am not able to take on graduate students. I do not have any postdoctoral positions at this time.

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