Current Projects

Our projects focus on conserving biodiversity and connecting people with nature. Below you will find more information about our current projects. Check out our blog to see the latest updates about our projects. You can also learn more how you can get involved with these projects.

Franklin’s Ground Squirrels

Franklin’s ground squirrels may be in decline, but right now we know very little about this species. We are partnering with Nature Alberta to learn more about this species and to figure out if it is at risk of extinction. Check out our Franklin’s ground squirrels project page for more information on the species and how we’re working to help it. You can follow our project updates through our blog.

You can help Franklin’s ground squirrels too!

Read more about how you can get involved.

Photo by Sarah Nason.

Conservation Optimism

Conservation messaging is often focused on the negative, such as how badly humans have impacted the natural world. But there is new evidence that having a more positive outlook, such as focusing more on how humans are able to have a positive impact on improving biodiversity, may actually be more effective. We are interested in understanding how conservation messaging affects feelings of empowerment in undergraduate students in our classes. Check out our Conservation Optimism project page for more information.

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