About Me

These projects are the work of the Principle Investigator Dr. Jessica A. Haines, her collaborators, and her undergraduate students. Read below to learn more about Dr. Jessica A. Haines.

Jessica Haines spending time outside, photo by Dr. Jessica A. Haines.

I am passionate about sharing my love of nature and helping others connect with wildlife and the outdoors. I am an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at MacEwan University, and as an educator my goal is to connect others with the natural world. I am a wildlife biologist and my current research focuses on monitoring Franklin’s ground squirrels in Alberta. I am also exploring how conservation messaging affects feelings of empowerment in undergraduate students.

Outside of work, I love the outdoors and spend my time hiking, hunting, fishing, and gardening. I spend a lot of time with my labrador retrievers Amy and Starling as we train for various dog sports and bird hunting. I also have two cats Jake and Minnie who also get trained along with the dogs – they even know some tricks!

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