Ongoing Research: Citizen Science

A sleepy boreal owl.

My research focuses on understanding how citizen science data can contribute to biodiversity monitoring. The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) has developed the citizen science app NatureLynx. I am collaborating with ABMI to compare the data collected voluntarily with this app to data collected through ABMI’s professional biodiversity monitoring. Read more about this project here.





Ongoing Research: Red Squirrel Ecology

Red squirrel pup temporarily removed from its nest at 25 days old.

I am investigating reproductive trade-offs in male red squirrels, and in particular the influence of resources on reproductive success and behaviour. I collaborate with Dr. Stan Boutin at the University of Alberta and the Kluane Red Squirrel Project.


Previous Research: Red Grouse Ornamentation

Female red grouse sitting on her nest amongst heather.

I investigated ornamentation in female red grouse and potential trade-offs with reproductive success. I worked under the supervision of Dr. Jesus Martinez-Padilla and Dr. Steve Redpath at the University of Aberdeen.






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