Upcoming Outreach Events


I am passionate about sharing my love for science with others and to contribute to my community. My research currently involves a citizen science project – stay tuned for future community events. But in the meantime you can download the app NatureLynx to participate in my research.


Previous Outreach Events


I have volunteered with Let’s Talk Science, through bringing science education activities to classrooms and large community events. I have also volunteered to do rural outreach: I had the opportunity to visit schools in Yellowknife.

I have also presented at science outreach events for adults. In my talk “Going Nuts over girls: how chasing tail influences ageing” at Nerd Nite Edmonton, I discussed my research on squirrel ageing. I also introduced visitors at the Telus World of Science Dark Matters event the Science of Sex to animal mating systems in “The Sex Lives of Squirrels and other Animals.”